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Posting, New Beginnings

September 21, 2010

Okay, so a lot of us bloggers aren’t consistent with posting content.  I especially am bad. Maybe it is the stress of school, work, and everything else I spend my time doing, or maybe it is that I feel like I don’t have much to say after making required postings for class.

Then I read David Lee King’s Sept. 2nd post about… posting.  He offers: “Think about your blog, or your Twitter feed, or your Facebook Page. Getting traffic there? If not … are you posting regularly?”

So here I am, 19 days after reading his post, trying to be more… regular.

I read somewhere that organizations/individuals should post at least two times a week if they are to expect any traffic. Sure, you can think of posting as something akin to going to the gym.  You talk about doing it more, but you can’t seem to find the time. Or, you could think about it as a requirement for your job.  Maybe it should be.  How often does your library post?

Back to my project.  I should have a storyboard up late tonight.  Here is the resource I used to help me get started with the storyboard: Women and Technology. The clock is ticking, and I’m beginning to get nervous about the actual animation process.  What I’m thinking: I will hand draw the main frames and use the Pencil tools to animate between them.  If, for some reason Pencil fails me (or I fail Pencil), I can always add the audio to the series of stills.  Hey, at least it isn’t captivate.

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