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Literary Fiction Awards

October 7, 2010

I’ve been asked to identify important awards for literary fiction, and I am happy to find some really great websites to help me in this quest!

1. Powell’s Books: First of all, Powells, the giant book seller of Portlandia, is to a future librarian what Gene’s Sausage Shop & Delicatessen is to an aspiring foodie (if you are in the Chicago area and eat meat, please check out Gene’s. Seriously).

Powell’s put together this useful list of awards for literary fiction.  This is basically all you need, especially if you are working in the Oregon area (some awards are geographically relevant).

2. Laurie Mann, self-proclaimed “feminist geek,” maintains a thourough site of literary awards with a heavy focus on speculative fiction awards
AwardWeb: SF Awards & More!

3. And last, but not least, my university has a great resource with a section on finding award winners, a list of award websites, and how to apply for a literary award here.

That’s it for now!

What other resources are available? I am particularly interested in finding independent and local awards.

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