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“Animated” database limits tutorial

November 3, 2010

As I mentioned at the creation of this blog, I have been working on creating a conceptual tutorial for using limits to refine searches in databases.  This is meant to be part of a series, so it is assumed that “database” has been defined.

I will spare you the gritty details of my journey, but here is a quick timeline:

September–choose topic, write script, experiment with Pencil.

Early October–create storyboard, begin animation using a mouse in Pencil.

Mid October–lent a tablet by the library director. Hooray! Narration recorded.

Late October--at about 880 hand-drawn frames, Pencil crashes when I try to do anything.

November–key PNG files edited with Gimp, transfered to Windows Movie Maker, about 10% of original project salvaged.

Today–rough edition goes live on Youtube! Overstream used to add closed captioning!

Ladies and gentleman, despite the fact that I spent way too much time on something that didn’t come out right, I am very proud and excited. I learned a lot making this tutorial, and I will still be working with it to make it better.

Here are a few tips that might be useful:

  • You can create a non-traditional tutorial without having to purchase software
  • remember that time is money unless you have an intern
  • Overstream can help you add captioning to your tutorials
  • Opensource is great. Just beware beta versions on important projects!!!

Here it is! Thank you to Darryl Collins who provided the wonderful narration.

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