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MORE! QR Codes

March 22, 2011
Pic of QR Codes in action

QR Codes in action

Let’s get social!

Want an EASY technology mashup? Take notes from Chicago’s indie theater, the Music Box, and connect patrons to your Facebook or Twitter with one snap (snapping is the 3-d “click” of the virtual world).


Better yet, suggest patrons use hashtags for exciting events. Have a special movie-viewing or author talk? Put up posters all over the school/town with a QR Code that pops up the user’s Twitter–suggest they tweet with a specific hashtag, say, #CPLNeilGaiman, and viola–your user’s are promoting your event.  Cool!

(btw, did you know that Neil Gaiman is going to be at the CPL? And they thought the line for Salman Rushdie was crazy… see you there)




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